Raynor Holistic Massage

Blending Eastern and Western philosophies


This massage blends Eastern and Western philosophies together to treat the mind, body and spirit as one entity. This is performed by working with the ‘bands’, prana or meridian (life force) with the aim to release the tensions and stressors, both physically and emotionally.

This massage/bodywork technique is deep tissue and completely customised to each client’s personal requirements. No massage is the same. Whilst this is a full body massage, a lot of emphasis is placed on the feet, hands, abdomen and head. During this massage, I will release tension through muscle manipulation and deep breathing techniques to calm the mind, body and spirit to promote emotional releases.

This treatment is performed fully clothed.


Pricing for Raynor Naturopathic Massage at Mooksha

  • $100 per hour*

*Includes consultation

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It was a really relaxing experience. Angela was very friendly and provided a great service.

The atmosphere was relaxing and it was a nice clean, private set up.

~ Erin

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