Ayurveda Massage

helps to break down and remove toxins


This is a holistic approach to health and lifestyle aimed at seeing and treating the whole person. Orginated in India around 5000 years ago Ayurveda is the oldest known health system in the world. Maintenance of balance through lifestyle choices, naturing all aspects of life, physically, mentally and spiritually is Ayurveda.

I use warm medicated oils (specifically to you) applied to your body in traditional ayurvedic way by allowing the oil to be released in long streams to calm the nervous system. Long continuous strokes and rhythms are used according to your body type. Abhyanga is a deeply relaxing and nurturing massage designed to eliminate toxins, improve circulation and is extremely effective in reducing anxiety and stress.


An invigorating massage using an oil soaked medicated ball, excellent for sore muscles.


A warm dough made from organic maize flour is formed into a ring and placed over the problem area, hot medicated oil is poured and retained within the ring for a period of time to penetrate deep in the muscle tissue. Highly beneficial for Lower back pain, stiff neck, sore knees and sciatica.

Please note I do not prescribe supplements or herbs.

Pricing for Ayurveda Massage at Moksha Massage & Wellness:

  • $90 – 105mins initial visit
  • $80 – 90mins thereafter
  • add Kizhi $10 (per area)
  • add Basti $10 (per area)

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Angela was a friendly and an amazing lady and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. I would highly recommend her.

The Ayurvedic Kizhi Treatment was a highlight of my visit. I felt so relaxed after my massage.

I can’t wait for my next visit.

~ Kaye

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