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Ayurveda & Holistic Massage

Relieves pain . Improves circulation . Aids healing
Holistic approach to health and lifestyle

Ayurveda | Holistic Massage | Marma Point Massage 
Nutrition & Healthstyle Program | Christchurch

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Ayurveda Massage

A deeply relaxing and nurturing massage designed to eliminate toxins, improve circulation and is extremely effective in reducing anxiety and stress.
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Holistic Massage

Pampers your physical body and nurtures your mind. This therapeutic massage is completely individualised for you.
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Siddha Marma Point Massage

A lovely treatment on Marma points which are the intersections for our vital life force energy flow.
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Moksha’s services are temporarily unavailable until further notice.

Nutrition and Healthstyle Program

It’s always been about health and wellness for me so I’m so happy to be able to bring you this amazing online program

The Healthstyle Emporium!

The Healthsyle Emporium is an online holistic program available to anyone worldwide. A program tailored to meet your needs and desires in your health journey and help you reach your individual goals.

MOKSHA Massage Therapy  & Healthstyle Emporium Christchurch

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Set in a quiet, peaceful home based clinic, Angela, your therapist at Moksha, comes from a background of health and fitness. She then studied psychology to better understand the human mind and the correlation between physical and emotional stress. This led her to an interest and training in massage and alternative therapies.

Angela completed courses in Ayurveda Massage, Holistic Relaxation Massage, Crystal Healing and Ayurveda Marma Point therapy which are the therapies on offer here at Moksha Massage & Wellness.
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Mooksha Massage Therapy Christchurch
Moksha for Ayurveda massage, Ayurvedic Marma Point, Holistic Massage, Nutrition & Wellness, Christchurch
During the treatment my body melted into the heated massage table under snuggly towels and blankets while I breathed in the scented oils. The Kizhi treatment was wonderful. It was bliss! I left feeling totally rejuvenated.
~Sarah B

Came out floating on air! Thank you Angela for a fabulous, professional, attentive massage. I will definitely be back
~ Monique

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