Meet Angela Paul

Therapist @Moksha Massage & Wellness
I come from a background in health and fitness, having owned and operated a fitness centre in Australia. I worked with a lot of athletes, bodybuilders along with clients wanting to lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. During that time I realised the amount of stress placed not only on the muscular and skeletal systems but the nervous system as well, unbalancing the mental and emotional homeostasis.

This lead me back to New Zealand to study psychology to better understand the human mind and the correlation between physical and emotional stress. I found this extremely interesting and it was then that my interest began to branch out to massage and alternative therapies.

Angela Paul receiving Ayurveda training certificateThe beginning of my massage journey started with a 6 month relaxation course which gave me a great base to explore other modalities. I was lucky enough to complete the Brandon Raynor Holistic Massage Diploma Course which had an enormous life changing impact on me, one I would love to pass onto my clients. This then led me on my Ayurvedic journey to India. It was an incredible experience where I was taught from ‘total immersion’ into Ayurvedic treatments, practices and philosophies in an ashram lifestyle.

I am continuing to explore paths within all modalities of massage and holistic treatments to best treat my clients both physically and spiritually.


  • Siddha Marma Point Certificate (India 2018)
  • Hot Stone Massage Certificate (HHT, Christchurch 2017)
  • Ayurveda Massage and Panch Karma Course (AMPT) – India
  • Raynor Holistic Massage – Diploma
  • Holistic Health Training, NZ- NZQA Holistic Relaxation Massage-Level 3
  • Holistic Health Training, NZ- Holistic Remedial/Deep Tissue-Level 5
  • Crystal Healing Diploma
  • Personal Trainer Certificate – Australia
  • Sports Nutrition Certificate – Australia



It was a wonderful service, with lovely added touches. The therapist was friendly and professional.

Will definitely be going back!

~ Sarah

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